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The Crane Center works with you on a whole health plan. Everything stems from your mental health.

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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

About us:

We have been providing comprehensive psychiatric services in the area for nearly 20 years. We have recently expanded to provide primary care and other holistic services as well. The goal of our company is to provide excellent care at the time of need. Our team is available to help with both urgent acute needs as well as ongoing longer term concerns.


Medication management

Medication management is an important part of the overall treatment plan for individuals who take multiple medications to treat multiple diseases or disorders. 

counseling, therapy

The Crane Center offers comprehensive counseling and therapy services for a variety of concerns.

Medicinal Marijuana Provider

We encourage open, judgment-free discussion when it comes to pain management options.

DOT physicals

We are certified to preform DOT Physicals. "Florida law requires all CDL drivers to have a valid DOT medical card, unless the type of commerce you drive qualifies as 'Excepted'"- DOT Physical Drivers


Ketamine Treatment for depression and anxiety Here are the Steps to Starting Ketamine Therapy for depression and Anxiety Quicker relief from depression and chronic pain.

 first responder support

Those who are first on the scene during the worst moments of our collecting lives, first responders work hard to offer us relief and reassurance as they take charge of a situation to keep others safe.

 non-opioid pain management 

We aim to provide relief for both chronic physical pain as well as the toll it takes on mental health.


EMDR stands for "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing". It was originally used, and is still used, to address traumatic memories by reprograming the brain.

Meet Our Team!

Dr. Eric Goldberg

I have practiced for nearly 20 years as a board certified psychiatrist Interacting with patients is extremely rewarding personally and professionally.

Dr. Eric Goldberg
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Kathleen Hensley

Kathleen is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) working in private practice at the Crane Center LLC. She offers a wide array of services ...

Kathleen Hensley
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staff at Crane Center destin fl

Beginning as a volunteer with the Crisis Line at the Okaloosa Guidance clinic in 1974, Niceville native Steve Chesser has accumulated nearly 50 years of experience...

Steve Chesser 
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Julie, a native Floridian and Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C), earned her Master of Medical Science degree from Wake Forest University in NC.

Julie Augustine
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Crane Center Team Photos

Chris is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and a native of the local area, having earned degrees from Florida State University, Ohio University, and Troy University.

Chris Carnley 
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Shaun is a newly graduated Physician Assistant from the University of South Alabama. While he is a new PA, he brings a lifetime of experience to the practice...

Shaun Myers 
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The Crane Center Blog

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Understanding and Treating Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Treatment of Narcissistic Personality Disorder The term “narcissist” is often used interchangeably with words like “self-centered,” “egotistical,” or “vain.” Recent articles in the media have created further confusion surrounding the topic by making unsupported claims that narcissism is on the rise, particularly among young people. But narcissism, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) as it is…

Zoom Dysmorphia: A Potential Offshoot of Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

A History of Body Dysmorphic Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a mental health disorder in which an individual fixates on a perceived physical flaw, most often unnoticed or undetectable by anyone else. The original term, dysmorphophobia, was coined in 1891 by Italian physician Enrique Morselli who first described the illness. Despite being well-researched in…