First Responder Support



First Responder Support

Men and women that work in the fire department, police, EMT, ER and all supporting positions are there when we need them most.

Considering the level of trauma a person is exposed to while working as a first responder, mental health care is a critical consideration that requires a unique approach.

The Crane Center is certified to work with first responders mental health.

Comprehensive Mental Healthcare For First Responders


Treatment Options  

Meet Cathleen Hensley

A licensed mental health therapist here in Florida and a certified first responder counselor. She has completed 50 hours worth of ride-a-longs and training which included research and reading. Her mission in life is to be an advocate for first responders and their mental health because "it is important. It's just as important as physical health". Kathleen's father served 30 years in the fire service and her brother is now a firefighter. So, she feels drawn to help because it's personal for her.