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The Crane Center offers comprehensive counseling and therapy services. Our medical professionals strive to help individuals foster healthy behaviors, mentally, emotionally, and socially. We specialize in a wide variety of services so that each patient can improve their mental health and functionality in order to achieve their highest potential.

Medical Cannabis

Our office carefully evaluates each visitor’s medical needs to determine whether medical cannabis would be an appropriate solution. We encourage open, judgment-free discussion when it comes to pain management options and we make it our mission to present accurate, detailed information about alternatives to traditional medicine. 

Pain Management/Relief

At the Crane Center, we understand that chronic pain affects each individual differently. We aim to provide relief for both chronic physical pain as well as the toll it takes on mental health. With proper pain management, our medical professionals can help patients achieve their healthiest life.

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The Crane Center

We have been providing comprehensive psychiatric services in the area for nearly 20 years. We have recently expanded to provide primary care and other holistic services as well. The goal of our company is to provide excellent care at the time of need. Our team is available to help with both urgent acute needs as well as ongoing longer term concerns.

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Comprehensive Care for Your Family.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide excellent mental health and primary care service at the time of need with as little hassle as possible.  We will get patients in quickly and try to accommodate individual needs and not treat people like another number.  We treat patients of all ages who would like excellent care in a timely manner and are able to pay at the time of service rather than go through their health care provider’s insurance.

The Crane Center Team



Live your healthiest life when you come to Crane Center for your primary care needs. Our primary care providers can diagnose and treat patients of all ages who need personalized medical attention for their issues. You can count on us to help you get the guidance and support you need for your day-to-day care.


Living with chronic pain can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress. These feelings contribute to the perception of feeling worse and make daily life difficult. Our team can discuss a treatment plan that addresses the emotional effects of chronic pain, so you can manage your symptoms and get more relief from chronic pain.


At Crane Center, we provide a safe and professional environment for patients looking to improve their health with medical cannabis treatments. We are here to care for our patients and to oversee their ongoing progress with follow-up visits. To qualify for medical cannabis, we are available to evaluate your current chronic and debilitating health conditions. Here is more information about qualification and use.


At Crane Center, we provide a safe and professional environment for patients looking to improve their health using ketamine as a treatment. We are here not only as a resource for patients wanting to learn how ketamine can help; but to also oversee their treatment in person. To learn more, we are available to evaluate your situation. The Crane Center uses two different types of ketamine, Spravato™ and Intramuscular Ketamine.


Depression takes away the sufferer’s energy and motivation. People who suffer from anxiety are stuck in a cycle of never-ending worries in their daily lives. Anxiety and depression mask real issues and prevent you from working through them. Anxiety can include constant intrusive worries, “what ifs”, and “shoulda coulda woulda”. Depression may feel like: hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, low energy, no motivation, guilt, suicidal thoughts, and more.


Bipolar disorder can be disruptive in daily life and change over time. Our center offers a comprehensive evaluation in order to correctly diagnose and choose the right treatment for bipolar disorder. We guide our patients with bipolar disorder in handling other issues such as personal conflicts, work-life balance, and resolution of family dynamics. You may experience: mood swings, find yourself not able to sleep, having “high highs and low lows”, grandiosity, rapid speech, spending lots of money, lots of energy, and elevated libido.

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The Crane Center Office

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Friendly Staff

Our friendly staff makes an effort to create a welcoming atmosphere throughout the office. From the time an individual books an appointment with us to the time they leave the office, we aspire to be present and attentive to every need.

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Relaxing Atmosphere

The Crane Center presents a relaxing, intimate setting so that we can inspire a sense of calm in our patients. It’s our goal to ensure that each individual who steps through our doors feels welcome and safe in our office’s environment.

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Individual Attention

Our medical professionals take the time to listen to each patient completely. We treat every case individually and provide unique insight and advice for every patient we see. No one medical need is the same as another and as such, our doctors cater each treatment plan to a patient’s individual needs.

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Great people, very professional but incredibly kind and welcoming. Highly recommend the folks of Crane Center. Shelby Julia and Christina made the process incredibly easy while providing perfect customer service, all with a smile!
Christopher Ross
Christopher Ross1 Review
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The absolute best that I have ever been associated with. He is such a great listener and he always meets his clients needs. His clients get better period. I never miss a chance to highly recommend his services.
Aubrey Curran
Aubrey Curran2 Reviews
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There amazing.


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We give each patient the best care and attention that many emergency rooms or doctor’s offices lack. We are compassionate care for your family while also offering comfort and convenience at the time of check-in.