How Medical Marijuana can help With PTSD?

The goal of medical cannabis therapy is to manage the symptoms of PTSD and improve the quality of life of the patient as much as possible. Most evidence suggests that the therapeutic use of cannabis could significantly improve the quality of life of PTSD sufferers or their families. Multiple new studies suggest that medical marijuana can offer relief and better treatment for PTSD compared to other drugs commonly used to treat the disease.

A systematic review published in the Journal of Dual Diagnosis found that active components of cannabis, called cannabinoids, are promising to relieve nightmares and help people sleep. The study provides insights into the aid of medical marijuana provides for PTSD symptoms.

As the authors note, the study was limited to a self-selected sample of individuals who identified themselves as PTSD patients and is therefore not representative of the overall population of PTSD patients.

Anecdotal Evidence:

While research is still pending, there have been a number of revelations supporting medical marijuana Treatment for PTSD, including military veterans who have provided anecdotal reports that the drug has helped them with their symptoms.

Although cannabis is still considered a dangerous drug by the majority of the federal government, the DVA acknowledges that many veterans suffer from PTSD and report positive changes in their symptoms.

The FDA recently approved the use of medical marijuana for veterans with PTSD based on these findings. Many studies have also shown that the use of medical marijuana has helped reduce alcohol and drug use among veterans.

Sleep improvements

Medical cannabis can help patients with PTSD by reducing anxiety, improving sleep, reducing nightmares, and reducing avoidable behavior. The relief that medical cannabis can offer PTSD patients may also reduce the two biggest risks associated with the disease.

It also helps in reducing anxiety and depression, two major risks associated with the disorders. Hopefully, further research will shed light on the possibilities of medical marijuana to combat a stigmatized disease that too often goes untreated.

Consider that science has not yet solidified the helpful link between cannabis and PTSD, and therefore one may take the side of caution when initiating cannabis-based treatment. If you are interested in medical marijuana to treat your PTSD symptoms, it is best to start with a consultation with your doctor.

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