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Our Services

Primary Care services

Live your healthiest life when you come to Crane Center for your primary care needs. Our primary care providers can diagnose and treat patients of all ages who need personalized medical attention for their issues.  You can count on us to help you get the guidance and support you need for your day-to-day care.

Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress. These feelings contribute to the perception of feeling worse and make daily life difficult. Our team can discuss a treatment plan that addresses the emotional effects of chronic pain, so you can manage your symptoms and get more relief from chronic pain.

Medical Cannabis

At Crane Center, we provide a safe and professional environment for patients looking to improve their health with medical cannabis treatments. We are here to care for our patients and to oversee their ongoing progress with follow-up visits. To qualify for medical cannabis, we are available to evaluate your current chronic and debilitating health conditions. Here is more information about qualification and use.


Ketamine treatments

Choose compassionate care with us when it comes to ketamine treatments. We do our best to make sure that ketamine treatments are appropriate and safe for qualified patients who need our help.  Our goal is to ensure you will receive lasting relief after your ketamine treatments.  Spravato is the leading brand of Ketamine Click here for more information.


 Depression takes away the sufferer’s energy and motivation. People who suffer from anxiety are stuck in a cycle of never-ending worries in their daily lives. Anxiety and depression mask real issues and prevent you from working through them. Anxiety can include constant intrusive worries, “what ifs”, and “shoulda coulda woulda”.  Depression may feel like: hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, low energy, no motivation, guilt, suicidal thoughts, and more.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be disruptive in daily life and change over time. Our center offers a comprehensive evaluation in order to correctly diagnose and choose the right treatment for bipolar disorder.  We guide our patients with bipolar disorder in handling other issues such as personal conflicts, work-life balance, and resolution of family dynamics.  You may experience: mood swings, find yourself not able to sleep, having “high highs and low lows”, grandiosity, rapid speech, spending lots of money, lots of energy, and elevated libido.


We aim to provide the finest care for patients living with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia affects the patient’s inability to function in everyday life, depending on the severity of their condition. Working with us can help the patient develop better social skills, raise their confidence, and enhance their quality of life. You may recognize these symptoms: hearing/seeing things that are not there, paranoia, delusions, significant difficulties with social interactions, thought/cognitive disturbances.



Crane Center takes a comprehensive approach to helping patients deal with ADHD. We know how this affects your lives, careers, and relationships. Our team of counselors finds ways to complement medications with strategies for sleep, mindfulness, stress management, and more, so patients can lead happy and successful lives.  We help to navigate these symptoms to name a few: not able to focus or concentrate, easily distracted, losing/misplacing everything, always running late, fidgety, squirmy, “squirrel!”, making careless mistakes, forgetful.


Anger Management

If you have been struggling with managing anger, we can help identify stressors and find ways to regulate your emotions. Handling anger is a learned behavior and can be fixed. Guidance from one of our counselors can go a long way to live a balanced life with better relationships.  These may seem familiar: not able to control outbursts, disciplinary or legal difficulties due to anger/physical violence or fights, “everybody thinks you are an ass—-“

Individual, Couple, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We offer support to individuals and couples looking to improve their emotional well-being. We focus on working one on one with a counselor to overcome worries, frustrations, anger, phobias, and stress. Working individually or with your partner(s) to overcome relationship concerns related to: cheating, mistrust, anger, frustration, parenting styles, divorce, money, or sex.  With cognitive/behavior therapy, we focus on learning how to use your thoughts and mind to help change the way you feel to manage/decrease anxiety, stress, and depression​

Troubled Teens

The decision to intervene in your pre-teen, teen, or young adult’s behaviors can be a difficult one.  You may notice: teens are acting different, distant, closing off, staying in their rooms, grades are dropping, being oppositional, defiant, using drugs, not caring, self harming, cutting, or burning, If you find signs of bad behavior, consult us at Crane Center. We can help you find the appropriate treatment plan for your child, so you address their needs and restore your relationship with them.  


Addiction is a chronic cycle of relapse and remission, damaging relationships with loved ones. Without treatment or assistance with recovery therapy, addiction can lead to possible disability or even death. Do you or someone you care about suffer from addiction? Professional help from the Crane Center can help jumpstart the journey into recovery from: difficulties with controlling use of Alcohol, –pain meds like lortab, percocet, morpheine, methadone, other opioids like heroin — benzodiazepines like xanax, klonopin, ativan, valium, cocaine, marijuana, Difficulty controlling Gambling, Sex addictions, pornography addiction.


Eating Disorders

There are many on this scale, but if you have trouble with eating, we can help identify stressors and find ways to help you regulate your emotions. Fear of gaining weight or needing to control calorie intake is a learned behavior and can be fixed. Guidance from one of our counselors can go a long way to live a balanced life and to have a  healthier relationship with food.  ​


Autism is a spectrum, and we can tailor treatment to fit your specific needs.  Does any of the following sound familiar? You don’t fit in, socially awkward, fixated on very specific parts of things rather than the whole object, routine is an absolute MUST!, change is very very difficult.  We can help coach you through interactions as well as navigating difficult changes.



PTSD can look very different on different individuals, as it can result from a multitude of backgrounds and events.  If you’ve ever: experienced severe trauma, abuse, sexual assault, witnessed loss of life/limb, have lost a limb, have anger outbursts, hate crowds, never go to Wal Mart, are terrified of loud noises, have anger outbursts, always know were the doors are, let us help you manage these and get back on track with living a more comfortable life.

Social Anxiety

Many people do not even realize that they suffer from social anxiety.  Those who do often do not seek assistance when trying to cope. If the following symptoms describe you, give us a call to see how we can help you to get passed this hindering condition. Are you: very uncomfortable in new situations or surroundings, fearful of doing something stupid in front of others, have a significant fear of being judged, find yourself replaying conversations over and over again in your head?