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All names and identifying details have been redacted or changed to protect the identity of our patients. We strongly believe and uphold our patient privacy and strictly comply with HIPAA. 

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Name Redacted - October 2022

The most knowledgeable Dr. I have ever seen

He actually sits down and takes time to help you with what medications are good and bad for you. Takes time to get to know who you are. Listens to you. Even extends to allow you to text directly to him when you need a med refill or change an appointment. I definitely recommend.

Name Redacted - July 2022

Can’t say enough good things about the Crane Center

I’d been suffering with depression and anxiety for years from trauma in my 20s. I was seeing Shaun for a year when we finally discussed Ketamine treatments. They have been a game changer for me. This is the best I’ve felt in years. The negative self talk is gone and hope has taken its place. Shaun really took the time to listen to me and work with me on finding a treatment that fit my needs. Also Dana at the front desk really made me feel at ease. I was so nervous to do the first treatment and Dana took time to call me back several times to talk me through it. So grateful to have found the Crane Center and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to heal.

Name Redacted - March 2022

I am forever grateful to the team at the crane center for helping me move forward in life!

I came to the crane center about a year ago struggling with focusing in school and crippling depression. With the compassionate care of the medical team there, I have been able to tackle both. My grades are better than ever before and I’ve really turned my life around thanks to my nurse practitioner Steve and my therapist Kat. They do a wonderful job of listening to my needs, and working together to find solutions to help me with pairing both medication and talk therapy that best meet my busy life & schedule. I am forever grateful to the team at the crane center for helping me move forward in life! I will continue to see my psychiatrist and therapist there as long as I live in Destin and need them! Thanks guys, you’re awesome.

Name Redacted - March 2022

Highly recommend The Crane Center, great staff!

 My young adult son who has Schizophrenia and is on the Spectrum is being treated by Nicole Miller. She is a blessing to us. My son came to her very sick, his previous psychiatrist didn’t help him. My son is starting to feel better with the help from Nicole. She is knowledgeable about the brain and the medications that work together. She is caring and understanding. She is always a text, phone call or a email away. She always returns my messages promptly. I am grateful I had made an appointment at The Crane Center. They saved my son.

Name Redacted - April 2022

Dr. G and Kat are my angels.

I can’t say enough about this office. The office staff is incredible. Dr G cares about your overall well-being and goes above and beyond as a doctor. I recommend them to anyone. Saved my life.

Name Redacted - November 2022

Cannot say enough of Dr.G & my personal provider Steven Chesser

They’ve helped in so many ways during the most difficult years. Referring who they’ve needed too, when other MDs wouldn’t take the time. Thank you both!

Name Redacted - March 2020

I cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing place this is

I can tell you from experience, especially having moved a few times in the last couple of yrs, that compared to most, Dr.Goldberg, as well as each and every staff member that I have personally dealt with, whether it was to do with scheduling etc, or actually having my session with them, goes above and beyond to help and care for each patient, far beyond what is simply required of them. TRUST ME, I have dealt with a horrendous dr's and staff @ other places, and The Crane Center is an absolute Gem! Unfortunately I recently had to move again, and I cannot express just how much I miss this place, and how grateful I am to each and every staff member here for going the extra mile, when you didn't have to! Just know that you REALLY are making a difference in lives every single day!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!! Thank you so very much!!

Name Redacted - March 2022


They actually listen to you and HEAR you !!! My medicine is on point now and it's been nothing but an amazing experience. Ms. Nicole and Dr. Goldberg have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to hear me and listen to my symptoms , prescribe the appropriate medication and help me be the best me I can be ?? ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS CLINIC ??

Name Redacted - March 2021

Great people, very professional but incredibly kind and welcoming

Highly recommend the folks of Crane Center. Shelby Julia and Christina made the process incredibly easy while providing perfect customer service, all with a smile!

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Name Redacted - 3/6/2023

Highly recommend the Crane Center!

The front desk is always kind and courteous, and Stephen Chesser is a wonderfully empathetic and knowledgeable practitioner.

Name Redacted - 1/31/2023

Dr. Goldberg is truly one of a kind

We have received excellent, compassionate care for two of our children. Dr. Goldberg is truly one of a kind - a thoughtful practitioner with a heart of gold. The others we've seen - Dee, Shaun, and Julie - are equally caring, and their team approach has helped our family grow in beautiful ways. Cannot say enough good things!!

Name Redacted - 7/10/2020

Exceptionally friendly staff!

Very professional and it shows; I am a stickler for customer service and these guys have it in spades! Easy location to get to and a quick drive from FWB or SRB. I definitely recommend these guys.

Personal Letters

Amazing Client - 2/22/2023

Dear Shaun and the Crane Center staff in its entirety,

This letter is important because it's coming from me.

Me, who has seen many providers, from breast cancer to brain chemistry care, in 63 years on the planet. Let me tell you, this clinic, this little humble place almost across the street from my apartment, this little Phoenix of a building that continues to survive and thrive coming out of its own ashes, has provided some of the best care I have ever had.

Today, 2.22.23, I had #34 in a series of Ketamine treatments since I was directed your way a year ago. And about an hour after the medicine wore off, in my delightfully comfortable with zero gravity chair, I found myself laying in a puddle of tears.

Having been physically ill with covid on top of the seasonal depression, and in addition to some intense trauma work yesterday, all I could think was how much I wanted to die.

My day could have gone very differently, once I made the brave decision to ask for help from that chair.

The primary care doctor, and I'm sorry I can't remember his name, was the first one to come in and simply care for me. I told him that all I could think about after the shot began to wore off was wanting to die and that I was concerned for that. I was heard. He stepped out of the room saying that he would mention to Shaun my concern, asking him to step in before I left.

Shaun came in and as Shaun does so well, Shaun was Shaun and real and no b*******. Top that off with medical training and first-hand relatable trauma experience, and you get this 63 year old pleasant female patient's confidence beyond words.

My day could have gone very differently as I sit here talking to text from my apartment at rest before I go down to the beach for some healing. First, there's no way on God's green earth a regular Medical Practice would have ever brought me two providers into a room, without an appointment, based on my concerns, just because they care. And I am appreciative.

In the conventional medicine community, I would have been evaluated and likely sent to the ER and admitted to the psych ward only to be warehoused for what would have been one in a series of over a dozen hospital stays in 30 years of my life time.

Instead, the primary care doctor recommended some supplements that weren't already in my regimen towards taking care of my physical health. And Shaun, doing what Shaun does best, being Shaun, held space for me with knowledge and first hand experience and empathy. His wisdom allowed me to simply go home, with a prescription to understand that my thoughts did not have to control me, topped off with a suggestion of going to the beach.

As I'm crying talking to text right now tears of gratitude, this is the important part of this letter.

Thank you. All of you.
For showing up for work.
For shuffling buildings and offices and chairs.
For making reminder calls and scheduling appointments.
For putting silly signs on the windows to direct us to your care.
For doing what you do everyday and working how hard you do to try to help those of us who suffer not suffer anymore.
You matter.
You're doing good work.
I'm proof.
I love you all.
Thank YOU.
For loving ME
back to LIFE.