What Is Chronic Pain?

In the medical community, time markers are often used to assist in the diagnosis of chronic pain. Many physicians, for example, consider pain to be “chronic” when it is present for more than 3 months.

However, there is some debate as to the usefulness of these markers, as they tend to neglect the multidimensionality of chronic pain. Suffice to say, then, that “chronic pain” may be simply defined as “pain that does not go away.” This is in direct contrast to acute pain, which is the body’s normal, temporary response to pain signals. 

How Does Chronic Pain Affect the Body?

Chronic pain has been associated with the following physiological effects:

Why Does Chronic Pain Cause Depression?

From a patient standpoint, it may seem obvious why pain might cause depression. Chronic pain reduces mobility, which can cause isolation and anxiety. Furthermore, a lack of restful sleep has a noticeable effect on an individual’s productivity and stress levels after one or two nights.

From a medical standpoint, the answer to this question remains somewhat controversial. It is not yet known definitively if pain causes depression, or if depression exacerbates pain symptoms. What  has been established is that pain and depression “often coexist, respond to similar treatments, exacerbate one another, and share biological pathways and neurotransmitters.” 

What Should I Do If I Have Chronic Pain and Feel Depressed?

The link between chronic pain and depression, regardless of cause and effect, has been well established. Even still, depression may often go undiagnosed or underreported in chronic pain patients in a primary care setting. Because of this, patients suffering from pain who also feel depressed may benefit from psychiatric evaluation and management in addition to prescribed regimens for physical discomfort. 

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